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Learn how to be the master of money and grow your wealth since young.

Date : 4 JUNE 2023
Duration : 2.00PM – 5.00PM (3 hours)
Venue : Lifelong Learning Institute @ Paya Lebar

Program Layout


Students go to school to pursue academic knowledge and skill to prepare them to make a living with what they have learnt. Unfortunately, what the students are not taught is the difference between work hard and work smart. The latter requires, apart from academic knowledge, teaches the student how to achieve financial freedom at an earlier stage of their life so that they do not have to work till they die. Such a skillset can be learnt and cultured at a young age to help them start their financial planning skill much earlier. And we are here to bring a fun and yet effective course to educate the students on financial literacy.

The Program:

The entire program is open for children age of 7 till 12 years old. It will lasts for 3 hours and below is a summary of the flow.

  • The basic understanding and why it matters of becoming financially literate individuals.

  • Game Time. Students will have first hand experience getting involved in the world of financial literacy, With application, students will gain insights on different stages of wealth and how to escape the rat race.

  • Prize Giving Ceremony. Students who become the first to clear the game will receive a mystery gift from the organizer.

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What is VLE Academy?

VLE Academy is an online tuition platform for primary and secondary students. Our mission is to make learning experiences educational, entertaining and engaging through the use of latest visual technology on a virtual platform.

Do you provide free trial?

Yes, all newly registered customer will be entitled to for a free trial lesson. Sign up for a free trial with us. 

Is there any make up lesson if my child is absent from the lesson?

You may find the lesson video in our shared drive with parents, so you don’t have to worry about missing lesson.

How is the lesson conducted?

All lessons are conducted online.

What are the classes you provide?

We offer one-to-one classes, small group classes and also self-paced sessions.

What are the levels you teach?

We offer classes for all primary and secondary school students.

What subjects do you teach?

We offer classes for English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese

How do I register for the course?

You may sign up here to redeem your free trial and register thereafter.

Where is your center located at?

We do not have a physical center. All our classes are conducted online.

I really couldn't be happier with the results - I have greatly improved my performance in all of my classes.

Jane Warren

It's been great to learn at my own pace and from the comfort of home. Highly recommended for anyone considering.

Jarrod Nash

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